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3 Together with American International Filtration Corporation, Yili Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Canada

On January 6, 2017, together with American International Filtration Corporation, Yili Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Canada Finetex in Tsinghua University, which marks the establishment of a solid strategic cooperative partnership between the tow companies and lays a solid foundation for the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the global strategic layout of Yili Group.


American International Filtration Corporation is a platform enterprise focusing on product technical advisory services and training proposed by Doctor Sun Qin, Chairman of American Association of Filtration and Separation and established by the major experts and scholars in the international filter industry. The company has been in good and close relation of cooperation with Yili. Relying on this platform, Yili has maintained close contact with the world's advanced filtration technology.

Finetex is a world-class filter material company specializing in electrospinning technology, and its electrospinning technology is in a leading position in the world. With this technology, the filter material used for engine air filtration, diesel filtration and oil filtration and meeting State 5 and State 6 standards can be developed. Electrostatic nano-filter with its efficient filtration performance is of great use in protecting human from inhaling PM2.5 particulate matter in the atmosphere. The sandwich structure (non-woven fabrics - nano-spider - non-woven fabrics) mask can block 99% of the 60-120nm influenza virus and other ultra-fine particles. Electrostatic nanofiltration filter is widely used in air purification, personal protection, health care, water treatment and other fields. It is estimated that the total market value of filter material will reach 700 billion US dollars in 2020, and the filtration industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

Yili Group has been specialized in the filtration industry for 18 years, and is the largest commercial vehicle intake system supporting business in China, with many years of product development and application experience. Cooperation between the two companies is a milestone to enhance the technical level of filter material of heavy-duty air intake system in China. 

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